Let's Exchange Keys!

At Lookout Ford we are always in the market for quality, well maintained, Pre-Owned vehicles to replenish our inventory. It costs more to send someone to auctions or pre-owned lots to purchase vehicles, have them delivered to our lot only to find out there is additional re-conditioning needed to bring the vehicle to the standards we have set for the Pre-Owned vehicles we offer.  That's why the Vehicle Exchange Program was established!

How does the Program Work?

Our staff of digital automotive specialists, using advanced technologies, monitor the current vehicle market, track buying trends, review competitive pricing, take vehicle requests and then cross-match this information with our customer database and alert appropriate customers when a good time would be to sell their current vehicle!  Not everyone will receive a call but those who do, only receive calls when the timing is best!We offer above market value for vehicles as well as special incentives towards purchasing or leasing something new - sometimes above or in addition to what the manufacturer offers! Our customers appreciate the VIP benefit of our Vehicle Exchange Program - we keep them informed to maximize their investment!

You aren't obligated to purchase!

We are in the business of keeping our customers safe as well as helping them protect their investment.  Sometimes we purchase a vehicle from one of our customers without them buying a replacement vehicle - that works too!  If we contact you through our Vehicle Exchange Program - it means that there is a high demand for the kind of pre-owned vehicle you own, someone has contacted us and is interested in that particular vehicle, or we need to increase our pre-owned inventory.  It's all very simple and transparent!

If we make contact with you, you may opt to:

  • Take advantage of having your vehicle appraised to understand the current value and do nothing.
  • Allow us to purchase your vehicle - just bring a clean title and we will cut you a check.
  • Trade your vehicle in on a newer model at or below what you are paying now!

What are the advantages of Lookout Ford's Vehicle Exchange Program:

  • Above market value for your vehicle
  • Longer more comprehensive warranty on new vehicles
  • Reduce maintenance and repair costs
  • Lower monthly payments
  • Better finance terms
  • Lower fuel costs
  • Increased miles per gallon
  • Reduced cost of driving
  • Brand new entertainment features
  • Upgraded comfort features
  • Increased safety and security technology

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