The Ford C-Max: Convenience and Luxury for the Environmentally Conscious

Is buying a hybrid vehicle at the top of your to-do list this year? If it is, then you're a smart, environmentally conscious buyer who's part of a growing number of like-minded consumers. Hybrid vehicles, such as the ever-popular Ford C-Max, offer drivers the satisfaction of saving on their monthly gas expenses while also feeling good about their contribution to helping the environment. But it's not just the hybrid technology that buyers can be happy about when they choose to buy a C-Max. The superior interior features are also attractive.

Features such as the hands-free foot-activated liftgate and the option to upgrade to leather seats make the C-Max a more convenient and luxurious vehicle. With a wave of your foot and the Intelligent Key in your pocket, you can activate sensors that will allow the hatch to swing open. People who enjoy luxury can also opt for leather seats with the C-Max Hybrid Titanium.

Are you interested in learning more? Come to our showroom in Moorehead City, and one of our salespeople will let you take one for a test drive.

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