How the Ford Expedition Stacks Up Against the GMC Yukon

Control and handling are important for safe driving. Ford Expedition is the top-rated vehicle in its class for safety; it is rated higher than GMC Yukon and others. The rear wheels have independent axles and provide outstanding stability.

The traction system is a big part of the Expedition advantage because it accounts for mud, ice, snow, and wet conditions. The limited slip differential feature balances power to the wheels in difficult road conditions. Expedition is the vehicle Moorehead City area residents can rely upon in poor road and driving conditions.

The full-sized SUV is a powerful vehicle that also provides comfort. Expedition offers a driver's choice of ride and cornering. You can select the level of comfort and control that meets your needs. Come by the showroom at Lookout Ford Inc. for a test drive. We will show the innovations that make Expedition the top performance vehicle in its class by combining power, control, and safety.

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