Ford Taurus Puts You in Control

Ford Taurus continues its tradition of mid-sized luxury, comfort, and performance. The 2018 edition offers the six-speed select shift automatic transmission. The dynamic range of this tough transmission provides a smooth acceleration curve, and it works well with the eco-boost, turbo, and standard Taurus engines. The manual shifter option offers driver control. You can override the automatic settings and create your custom driving experience.

Drivers in the local Morehead City area can appreciate the steering wheel mounted paddle shifters. This performance feature helps keep both hands the steering wheel and eyes on the road while making manual gear selections.

At Lookout Ford Inc., we look forward to answering your questions about the manual override shifter button activation feature and other exciting Taurus performance technology. We invite you to stop by, get behind the wheel, and take a test drive. You can experience the power and performance of Ford Taurus firsthand.



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