The Ford Fiesta ST Has a Practical Motor

While driving the Ford Fiesta ST, you'll reach your destinations quickly because this car is designed with an efficient 1.6-liter engine. Gas mileage doesn't suffer when the vehicle drifts on the road since the motor is engineered with practical EcoBoost features. If you use the Ford Fiesta as a racing vehicle, performance won't decrease. During general racing routines, the engine helps the vehicle produce 197 horsepower.

If torque is important, you'll enjoy driving the Ford Fiesta, as it has advanced mechanical hardware that generates 202 lb-ft of torque. When the car glides around other cars, speed doesn't drop dramatically. The main component that helps the car maintain consistent speeds is the spoiler. This stylish accessory on the exterior frame distributes wind effectively so that friction never impacts driving efficiency throughout strategic racing situations.

Lookout Ford offers convenient test drive opportunities so that locals can inspect important Ford vehicle hardware. If you want to cruise in a Ford Fiesta ST in Moorehead City, NC, visit our facility and arrange a test drive.

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