Signs Your Car Battery Could Need Replacing

When the battery in your car is getting ready to die, the car is going to give you several indications to get to our service center to have it checked out. The trouble is that most people do not realize these warning signs and usually wind up stranded somewhere needing a costly tow.

Check out these signs you may need a new car battery:
  • There is going to be a strange odor coming from the battery compartment.
  • The check engine indicator light is going to be flashing or stay lit.
  • The engine has trouble cranking over in the morning.
  • The batter y case appears swollen.
  • When you try to start the car, the headlights are going to appear very dim.
  • Your vehicle is going to start needing to be jump started.
These warnings signs should help you to identify trouble and get down to the service center for an inspection or replacement today.
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