Ford’s BLIS Technology is your Safe Driving Partner

Ford works toward ensuring you have a safe and pleasant driving experience. That is why it has lined up state of the art technologies like Blind Spot Information System popular by its acronym BLIS. The technology can literally get you out of sticky situations that may arise from your blind spot.

The system uses two radars mounted in the corners of your car’s bumpers. The two radars detect any vehicle that enters your blind spot and alert you. The detection range of the technology is about 10 feet behind your rear bumpers on either side of your car.

Ford has also added another feature that works much like BLIS but when you’re in reverse mode known as Cross Traffic Alert. Once you are in your reverse gear BLIS switches off and Cross Traffic switches on. This ensures safety as you back out of driveways or parking. For more information on BLIS and similar systems check on Lookout Ford in Morehead City.

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