2018 Mustang GT Can be Quiet in the Morning & Thundering on the Track with Programmable Exhaust Modes

You need a brawny performance V8 in your driveway at all times. Home just doesn't feel right without one. You're an enthusiast, and you love the roaring engine of American muscle cars.

Your neighbors don't feel the same way.

As you get older and more responsible, your passion for performance hasn't waned—but your disregard for noise complaints has. What can you do? Will you need to buy a grocery-getter to drive every time you leave home early or come home late, just to avoid disturbing the peace?

Nah. All you need is the 2018 Ford Mustang GT with Quiet Start and Quiet Exhaust mode.

These modes instantly turn the roaring thunder of the Mustang GT's 460-horsepower engine into a polite whisper—and turn the volume up again whenever you choose. You can even program in times of day for each mode to activate.

Quiet Start and Quiet Exhaust come with the optional active valve performance exhaust system. Learn more at Lookout Ford Inc.

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